How Karma Play works

Step 1 - Complete offer with Karma Plays

Most offers in AppKarma come with Karma Plays. Total Karma Play bonuses you'll receive is displayed (number of plays x bonus per play).

karma play step 1

Step 2- Receive Karma Plays

After you get rewarded for completing the offer, the Karma Plays will appear in the Karma Play section.

karma play step 2

Step 3 - Karma Play becomes available

Your Karma Play will be availble 24 hours after you install the app. You'll get a 2X Bonus if you play with the app ONE DAY after you install the app. The 2X Bonus lasts 24 hours only.

karma play step 3

Step 4 - Play with the app

Click PLAY to launch the app. Play with the app for 4 minutes.

karma play step 4

Step 5 - Collect the bonus

After you play with the app for a couple of minutes, come back to appKarma to collect the bonus.

karma play step 5

Step 6 - Bonus received

Receive your bonus and your next Karma Play will be available in 24 hours again.

karma play step 6